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Advertise Your Business at SJL!

As a private elementary school that prides itself on offering a quality, Christian education at an affordable price to the community, we work hard to find funding sources that allow us to keep our tuition and other fees to a minimum. For families that want a faith-based education for their children, the overall cost is a primary consideration.

In that spirit, our school offers an advertising opportunity for area businesses and individuals interested in supporting our athletic programs. We work with Marshall Signs of Plymouth to place 4’x4’ advertising signs in our gym.

Our gymnasium hosts numerous events – volleyball matches, basketball games, concerts, civic events, drama productions, and even a vendor craft fair – each year. With the thousands of area residents attending these events, purchasing a sign to be displayed in our gym is a practical and cost-effective way to show support for St. John Lutheran School and private education.

If you decide to advertise with us, Marshall Signs will work directly with you to produce a sign that professionally represents you and/or your company. The cost of the sign is included in the price.

Pricing Options

(All signs are 4' x 4')
If you are interested in signing up, please fill out the form below. Thank you so much for considering this opportunity and please pass this idea on to anyone you feel may be interested. Questions can be directed to Mrs. Libby MacGillis at or (920) 893-5114.


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