St. John Lutheran School serves students from age 3 through the 8th grade and we partner with Sheboygan Area Lutheran High School for grades 9-12. We are committed to a strong academic program that inspires the acquisition of knowledge and skills as lifelong learners; supports continued development in the area of social, physical, and emotional growth; and most importantly cultivates the continued growth in knowing their Savior, Jesus and His will now and into eternity.

Educational Philosophy
We believe the purpose of Christian education is to:
  • Bring the child to know and love his Savior Jesus Christ.
  • Teach all basic secular subjects and maintain a high level of expectation and achievement
  • Create an atmosphere of Christian love and discipline.
  • Provide supplemental programs during the school day to enrich our students’ development.
  • Provide a variety of extra-curricular activities in a supervised atmosphere.
  • Maintain continuous contact with parent and home.
Spiritual Philosophy
St. John Lutheran Church seeks to share the Gospel, care for others, and serve one another in His name!
We believe this is accomplished by:
  • Teaching God’s inspired Word.
  • Nurturing students in their faith in Jesus as Lord and Savior.
  • Instilling Christian values.
  • Building and experiencing Christian community.
  • Providing opportunities for worship and sharing the faith.
  • Personalizing the students’ educational experiences.
  • Involving students in service-oriented projects.
Our Christian educators are committed to providing a complete education for God’s children by meeting their spiritual, intellectual, social, physical, emotional, and aesthetic needs. We also believe that the family exerts the greatest influence on the child’s total education and that the church and school assist you in your God-given responsibility of Christian education.
Our Credentials

St. John Lutheran School is officially recognized by the State of Wisconsin’s Department of Public Instruction. We are fully accredited by the National Lutheran School Accreditation Commission – a nationally respected, a voluntary certification process built upon rigorous standards and annual improvements.


All of our teachers meet or exceed state requirements. Many of our teachers hold advanced degrees and have over 150 years of combined teaching experience. Their love for their students is readily apparent and they work hard to enable each student to work to his or her fullest potential.

  • Low teacher-student ratios
  • Teacher aides in lower grades
  • Online parent portal for access to lesson plans, homework, grades, calendar, communication with teachers, etc.
  • 1 to1 iPads (K-2)
  • 1 to 1 Chromebooks (3-8)
  • Interactive whiteboards
  • Google Apps for Education school
  • Federally subsidized hot lunch program
  • Wisconsin Parental School Choice (Voucher) Eligible School
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