Online Payment Picture


Q. What are the advantages of electronic payment & giving?
  • Control:  Users have the convenience to control their payment or contribution date and amount. 
  • Confidentiality:  Bank account numbers are not given to the SJL office.
  • Immediacy: Electronic funds can be processed immediately and eliminates check writing.
  • Efficiency:  St. John processes online transactions faster than handling check and cash payments. 
Q. How does the process work?
Funds are transferred automatically through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network from your checking account to our bank account.
Q. How do I enroll?
You can enroll here.
Q. When will my funds be debited from my account?
A debit to your account may be a one-time payment or will occur each month on the date you specify on your authorization form.
Q. How will I keep track of payments or contributions in my check register?
Since your payment or donation is made at a time you designate, you simply record it in your check register on the appropriate date. Electronic transactions will appear on your bank statement. 
Q. How much does this service cost?
The small fee per ACH transaction is paid by us. Credit card transaction fees are paid by you and is usually around 3%.
Q. What if I try electronic giving and don’t like it?
You can cancel your authorization at any time by notifying the school office.
Secure donation services are provided by Vanco Services, LLC. Vanco processes electronic donations for more than 10,000 churches and nonprofit organizations. The Simply Giving® Program endorsed by Thrivent Financial Bank is operated by Vanco Services. Simply Giving® is a registered trademark of Thrivent Financial for Lutherans. Thrivent Financial Bank assumes no responsibility for the products and services offered by Vanco Services under the Simply Giving® Program.